Send Gift's to Your Love ones with USPS Shipment

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Would you like to send your packages at the best price? you don't know how to start to compare shipping? at we make it very easy.

The variety of carriers and services is very broad and sometimes it's hard to hire the cheapest courier company. For shipments in Spain, shipping in the European Union and international shipments. So much for shipments of little weight, as for shipments of packages or bundles of 30, 40, 50 or more pounds, the best option is to compare to ship with the company's cheaper Paquet era. We offer the possibility of sending up to 10 packages in 1 single shipment with an affordable price. Users who use the web very positively valued the attention to the customer, by chat, email or telephone. Web users are very demanding and want services online easy, fast and efficient.
I knew that... Compare prices are the best way of sending a cheap package., allows individuals, self-employed and businesses save big bucks on your parcel shipments.

USPS packages shipped to the USA if possible. Since directly take care of all the management, from picking up the box in any part of Spain to deliver it to the door of the home of their loved ones in the USA, at an affordable price and without paying anything.

You only need to enter the origin/destination, measurements and weight "Search for the best price" and will get a selection of the best deals instantly to send packages.

Select the desired service and confirm pick-up and delivery data. To complete the buying process you can pay using PayPal or card or account prepaid. It's that easy.

Send packets with USPS is fast and secure. One of the strengths of USPS is reliable delivery, and in defined delivery times national packets arrive at their destination, usually in less than 24 hours. Europe delivery times range between 24 and 96 hours. Deliveries from Monday to Friday during regular office hours.

If you want to hire the services of USPS through our website, you only have to fill in the form on this page with the data of origin, destination and the package measures and you will see all the services and rates that we have available for you.

The USPS rates vary depending on the shipping service packages that you need. You'll always find several options both for national shipments as international, according to different needs of emergency and always with the guarantee of USPS.

Would you like to send your packages at the best price with USPS?, with you can hire all the services of USPS shipping. It is currently the largest company in the distribution of packages of the world that manages more than 18 million deliveries daily and more than 2 million international shipments, becoming a global supplier leader in specialised transportation and logistics services. Also, its objective is to develop specific products to meet the needs of the eCommerce and continue improving the logistics processes and supply chain management.