Cause of Dark Circles

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Cause of Dark cirkles.

Before checking the cure and Remedies we have to properly understand the exact cause of Dark circles under your eyes. Beacuse if we do not know the reason why we are having Dark circles we are unable to cure it. as we will try different thinga to get rid of them but on the other hand we are still doing that which is causing Dark circles under the eyes.Therefore it must to understand the actual reason behind the dark circles we are having.we are listing some of them here. verify the one related to your cause and try to avoid doing it in a meanwhile.

Cause of Dark Circles.

(a) Improper Sleep: As in a survey we found that people who sleeps Late night or have improper sleep have dark circles under their eyes. You can also find those peoples nearby you who do not take proper sleeps and they have dark circles. Therefore, it must to have proper sleep to give actual rest to or body and to our eyes.

(b) Due to Allergy: People who have sone kind of Allergy such as eczema found to have dark circles under their eyes. Therefore, Care for the Allergy if you have some and take remedies we have describes in our another post to cure dark circles.

(c) Improper Diet: Taking Proper diet is the key to resolve most of the issues of your body. As a proper diet provides all the protiens and nutritions required by our body so that we can feel healthy. If you do have bad habbits in diet then its time to change it now, this can be include not taking food on time, junk food or to much of oilly food.

(d) Depression/Stress: Under in another Survey we have found that 60% of peoples who suffer stress and Depression likely to have dark circles under their eyes. we can link it up with the another reasons also as depression/stress may lead to improper sleep and in-balance in diets which directly can cause the Dark Circles. You can find different methods to reduce depression and stress on of them is Meditation.